Hi, I'm Jason!

Capturing moments and taking photos of important events has always been a passion of mine. It is a great way to capture my friends, family, coworkers, places, and events. Beginning like many others, I got a nice point and shoot camera thinking I'd get some good pictures. But, it always felt a little lacking personally and creatively , but hesitated to step up to the next level. That is, until my wife and I had the joy of our life. (She is incredible...my wife and our baby!) I thought, oh my goodness! I have to get a better camera! And here we are after lots of research, mentoring, and classes...following a passion and taking it to the next level. My wife has been amazingly encouraging and has become the best assistant anyone could ask for!


I believe we all have a story to tell. And our memories sometimes can only serve us so well. I want to capture your story so it can remembered and told time and time again. But over time it becomes something more...not just a story. It's you and your families legacy.